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Farm Camp 2024

Farm Camp provides a rich, outdoor experience in which budding nature lovers connect with the natural world in a safe, nurturing environment through hands-on animal care, imaginative play, nature hikes, art, gardening, cooking and more. Full day and half day options available. Led by professional teachers who love summer camp, groups are intentionally small to nurture campers as individuals and build community. 


3 to 8 years old


Animal Care




Nature Hikes

Science Experiments

Stories & Songs

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Dates & Rates

June 24-August 2

9AM-12PM $300 per week

9AM-3PM $500 per week

*Multi-week and sibling discounts available

A day in the life of a Farm Camper:

After a period of exploratory play, we gather for our morning community circle during which we greet each other, sing songs, play an icebreaker game, and discover the theme of the day. 

Next, our farmers set out to care to our resident animals.  After our farm chores are completed, we participate in a themed activity. One day, our farm campers are using real veterinary methods to conduct physical examinations, and another they are using an artistic method to create enrichment materials to promote a stimulating environment in which animals thrive. Other themed activities include nature art, science experiments, and music making that cultivate compassion and spark curiosity. 

After our special activity, we enjoy our packed lunches together in the shade of hundred-year-old oak trees.  When finished, we may swing on the swingset or relax in a hammock. 

With renewed energy, we set off for an afternoon nature hike, during which we identify plants, birds, and insects along the way. Perhaps an intriguing scat discovery sparks a discussion among the campers. We find a peaceful clearing for a story and nature activity.

As we emerge from the woods, it's time to get back to work on the farm. We visit our garden where we tend to our plants, perhaps tasting a few off the vines and bushes. We make our rounds once more to care for our donkeys, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and pigs.

Our farm work completed, we celebrate a day well spent with waterplay and popsicles. Finally, we gather for our closing community circle, acknowledging our highlights of the day and setting our intentions for the next. 

Half Day 9AM-12PM - departs before lunch
Full Day 9AM-3PM

Daily Topics:
Animal Care & Enrichment
Farm-to-table Cooking
Wildlife Tracking
Camper Curiosities 

To ensure safety and foster community, our group is intentionally small. We maintain a ratio of no more than 8 children:1 adult with a maximum of 16 children total each week.  Staff are professional teachers who have undergone background clearances. 

Got a question? Just ask!

238 Pleasant Valley Road

Hopewell Valley, NJ 08560


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