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Our Mission

At Apple Hart Farm, we provide hands-on, farm-based learning experiences for children and families that foster lifelong connections with the living world, promote curiosity and compassion, and cultivate joyous, healthy eating.  


We believe

  • We believe that when young people gleefully get their hands dirty in planting, harvesting, cooking, and consuming home-grown fruits and vegetables, they lay the foundation for healthy eating habits and stewardship of the land. 

  • We believe in the wisdom of children and the power of play to promote curiosity, confidence, and community. 

  • We believe that when children meet and care for animals face-to-face, they develop a basis for compassion for all living things.

Meet Farmer Ashley

I'm Ashley - mother of 3, educator, agribusiness owner. My dream is to create a nurturing and safe environment that sparks children's curiosity for the living world.  Since earning a BS in Animal Bioscience and MS in Science Education (and a brief stint in veterinary school), I have been honored to share my love of the living world with children in urban classrooms, zoos, and community gardens for the past 16 years. In my past life as a classroom teacher, I was a proud recipient of the Math for America Master Teacher Fellowship. My experience and knowledge in both veterinary medicine and education are interwoven into the learning environments and activities I design here at the farm. 

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